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The Top Live Streaming Services vs Facebook

Facebook Live is a relatively new platform that offers some amazing and incredibly exciting opportunities for marketers. But while Facebook Live is a new player, live streaming itself is not so new. In fact, several other live streaming services have been around for a while now and have been making big waves in the last year. Let’s take a look at what those platforms are and how they compare with Facebook. Specifically: if you could only invest time and effort into one of these platforms, which one […]

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The Top Benefits of Live Video for Marketers

Live video is currently an exciting topic among technologists and futurists and it’s widely expected that it will play a big role in the way we communicate online going forward. And for marketers, live video is also very exciting. That’s because it presents us with an entirely new audience to market ourselves to, an entirely new way to interact with them and more. Read on to learn the very best benefits that live video has from a marketer’s perspective. Engagement Live video is excellent for engagement and […]

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The Future of Facebook Live

Live streaming has seen a lot of progressive progress in a relatively short amount of time. Facebook Live too has been growing rapidly and most experts and marketers speculate that this is likely to be a big deal in the coming months and years. But the scope of Facebook Live goes far beyond marketing. Facebook Live could well dictate the general direction that the company takes in the future… even changing the way that we interact with one another. On the blog, Facebook representatives described the impact […]

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